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October 2015 Research Overview
Marine Debris Survey at the Pacific Northwest

On October 11, 2015, we went to Ocean Shores (0.5 miles south of Elk Creek River) for another marine debris research survey.
However, we did not find much Asian originated marine debris. The main reason is that the Washington CoastSavers and other wonderful volunteer people participated in clean up activities in July.

There may be another connection with research result of Ocean Networks of Canada that the Northeast Pacific Ocean (Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada) is warmer than at any time over the last few decades. In mid-2015, remained significantly warmer.
(Ocean Networks Canada, Sep. 2015)

Due to these meterological effect, the wind mostly blew towards the south or southwest in September and pushed marine debris away from beaches of Ocean Shores..
Seaweeds CPM:

Observation Date: Oct. 11, 2015
Obsrved at: 47.180001, -124.198392

CPM (counts per minute): 20CPM
Microsievelt per hour: 0.17μSv/hr
Millisievelt per year: 1.5 mSv/yr
Milligray per year: 1.5 mGy/yr
Becquerel per cm2: 13Bq/cm2
Picocurie per kg: 7356 pCi/kg

Photo Courtesy: NOAA Weather and Climate Prediction Center

Country of origin China Japan Korea Others* Total
No. 4 0 1 0 5

*refers to debris believed to originate in Asia, but is unidentifiable to a specific country

Item No: 151011-1 Date Collected: Oct. 11, 2015
Located at 47.181610, -124.198728
Category: Glass soybean paste bottle Size & Weight: 9cm x 6.5cm
Country Originally Manufactured: Foshan, China
Information: Haday Flavoring and Food Co., Ltd.

Item No: 151011-2 Date Collected: Oct. 11, 2015
Located at 47.180873, -124.199479
Category: Plastic tea bottle cap Size & Weight: 3cm x 1cm
Country Originally Manufactured: China
Information: Ting Hsin Internatiol, Hong Kong

Item No: 151011-3 Date Collected: Oct. 11, 2015
Located at 47.180108, -124.198803
Category: Plastic water bottle Size & Weight: 26cm x 7cm
Country Originally Manufactured: Korea
Information: N/A

Item No: 151011-4 Date Collected: Oct. 11, 2015
Located at 47.180178839, -124.198202
Category: Plastic bottle cap Size & Weight: 3cm x 1cm
Country Originally Manufactured: Wenzhou, China
Information: Master Kong

Item No: 151011-5 Date Collected: Oct. 11, 2015
Located at 47.177402, -124.17076
Category: Plastic wine bottle cap Size & Weight: 4cm x 1.5cm
Country Originally Manufactured: Anqui, Shandong, China
Information: Jingshui


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