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Marine Debris Exit Survey at Ikema Island in Miyakojima, Okinawa
August 2017
Date Monitored: August 7 and 8, 2017 Beach Size: 63 meters x 17 meters
Survey Conducted by: Naoko Otsuka, Keiko Shinzato Sampling Unit: 63 meters x 17 meters
Beach Name: Mizuhama Beach Usage: Rural
Beach ID (Lati./Long): 24.922542, 125.245036 (Center of sample unit) River/Creek input: No
Total Number of Debris Items Collected from Survey Site
(Sampling Units: 63m x 17 m. Start point: 24.922386, 125.244750 End point: 24.922582, 125.245467)
Country China Taiwan Japan* Korea Thailand Philippines Undetermined Total
Number 127 14 103 4 5 1 44 298
From the large quantity of trash produced in Japan, it is a likely case that most of the Japanese plastic debris collected from this beach did not wash ashore, but were rather left behind by local visitors or tourists.
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