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Islands4Kids is a Self-Funding Non-Profit Organization

Islands4Kids was built as a platform to inspire youths to take a proactive stance towards protecting and preserving their environment.
“Islands” is a metaphor for the platform that provides information about environmental issues in a way that can be easily accessible and is fun for children and young adults. “Kids” are our future, and our metaphor for hope.

We are dedicated to educating young minds about current and future environmental topics, impacting not only where they live but internationally.

One of our main goals is to better involve children and young adults with various activities in their communities that will help lead them towards sustainable living practices that are friendly to the environment. There is a strong need for us to start changing our consumptive behavior and instill a need for the preservation of the environment. Through Islands4Kids, we hope to be the catalyst to help inspire this change in our younger generations, to guide their actions in building a healthy, sustainable environment for the future.

Islands4Kids.org and Marine-Debris.org is the marine debris outreach program for the K-12 and young adults. We are a 100% self-funded, non-profit organization run by the Program Administration Board. Its content is highly neutral and not influenced by the needs of its supporters or businesses.
We do not have any advertisements or commercials on our website, so it is a safe and secure educational support site for children without the risk of being re-directed to a harmful site.

This initiative prioritizes amplifying our voice, message, and cause to a broad audience through informative and thought-provoking websites. We sincerely request that you share your response, and we hope that you will extend your support by disseminating information about our online platform.
Please tell everyone you know, from family members and acquaintances to schoolmates to respected colleagues. We may create a ripple effect of awareness and action, reinforcing the cause we fervently promote.

Discovering Marine Debris at Maja Beach


Six words; WOW, WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHY and WHEN drew our family into learning about and responding to marine debris issues. We hope that others feel the same and are willing to learn about and become involved as well.

One sunny day after a storm, our family (Zenki, Naoko, and Karin) drove to Maja Beach, one of the many beaches of Miyako Island in Okinawa, to have a good time. However, we ended up with some surprises and questions: WOW, WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHY and WHEN.

"WOW" is the first word that we said when we saw the unimaginable scene.

"WHAT" is the second word we said when we saw so much trash all over the beautiful beach.

"WHERE" did it all come from?

'HOW" did it get here?

"WHY" do we have trash from foreign countries washed ashore on our beaches?

"WHEN" did this happened... or have we just never noticed it before?

Later, we learned that trash washed ashore is called "Marine Debris" and that marine debris is not only a problem to Miyako Island but is something that is happening to many beaches and coastlines all over the world through ocean currents.

We expected to see beaches on Miyako Island as clean, safe, and beautiful, as they were many years ago. We wondered about when and how marine debris began.

The more we learned about marine debris, the more we began to worry about our environment and future generations. Marine debris will never stop unless every one begins to care and get involved in producing solutions.

So, we decided to create a website to introduce information about marine debris and other environmental issues to people, especially children and young adults so that they can learn about these issues and use their creativity and passion to confront this problem.

Miyako Island...Wow, What, Where, How, Why, and When?

Karin ( 11 years old ), at Miyako Island in Okinawa, Japan, discovering marine debris
Naoko and Karin ( now 22 years old ), at Ocean Shores, WA, STILL discovering marine debris

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