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Coral Whispers was created to "Save Beach Species".
It is an ecologically friendly approach through art to protect natural resources, particularly of the ocean and beaches.
Ocean Energy introduces eccentric fish with unique characteristics in hopes to connect viewers, especially children, to the wonders and beauty of the ocean. Using art and appealing to the creativity in children, Ocean Energy hopes for children and young adults to better connect with and appreciate their environment.
The "Patchy Bird" series features brightly quilted patterns on imaginary birds, playing in a fantasy world.
Patchy Birds have cheerful, easygoing, and friendly personalities.
With a group of family or friends, they help one another and work hard
to gather food and make nests.

They are happy birds! 


The "Wave of the Universe" is an unidentified, vast and colorful world, filled with rich resources.



Message from artist,

Our outreach through the arts program is committed to providing better-visualized tools. We aim to raise awareness of marine and beach environment issues through multiple approaches and characters.
As an artist, I would like to encourage children and young adults to learn about ecology using artwork with clear messages.
Nature gives us energy, teaches us, and embraces us. In return, we must value, protect, and, most importantly, respect our beautiful nature.

Naoko Otsuka, Ecological Artist
Director of Research Platform and Website Development
Senior Art Director of BAOTecS Program
You can view more of her artworks on her website.


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