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Coral Whispers was created to
"Save Corals and Beach Species".

It is an ecologically friendly approach
through art to protect natural resources, particularly
of the ocean and beaches.

Only bleached corals are used
to make Coral Whispers.

We hope to teach children of the importance of respecting and preserving the ocean and beaches.

Let's raise awareness of the natural beauty
and wonder of the environment
through Coral Whispers!
Coral Whispers was also featured in the local news in Okinawa. 
- How to make Coral Whispers-
1. Find a big piece of bleached (dead) coral that will become the base of the face.
2. Find small pieces of bleached corals and shells. Those will be parts of the face (eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, etc).
----Tips: Try to collect different shapes, colors and sizes, so you can make many different facial images. Cracked pieces add a unique taste as well!----

3. Use water soluble glue to put it together.
  Tada ~ You just created your own Coral Whispers!    
Now: Take pictures of Coral Whispers.
Then: Return Coral Whispers back to the beach.
Why: Corals and shells are valuable beach resources. We don't want to permanently remove them from where they were found.
Enjoy and Protect corals & beach species!!  
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