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What is Coral Patrol?
The role of the Coral Patrol is to look out for our ocean environment.
As members of the Coral Patrol,
we challenge acts that negatively affect our ocean and beaches,
such as littering and harming or permanently removing beach species.

Become a member of Coral Patrol and protect your beaches!
What we can do:
1. Don't litter
2. Don't permanently remove beach species
3. Treat beach species with care and respect
4. Enjoy beach species without buying or selling them
Eco-friendly Economy

This project suggests a new direction of merchandise to support the economy of rural areas in developing nations and small islands around the world. We propose a method of making a living without selling precious beach resources and losing beach species.
Many businesses sell shells and corals as individual pieces or as decorative pieces. By selling those corals and shells, even those that are alive, they are permanently taken away from their environments. Without directly selling or damaging those natural resources, there are possibly many other creative ways for businesses to sell products using corals and shells.
Take Coral Whispers for example. The variety of pictures taken of Coral Whispers can be turned into calendars, shirts, or postcards to sell.
Can you come up with some other ways in which local businesses can make a living by using shells and corals without harming or permanently removing them from their environments?

To preserve the natural beauty
formed by nature.

To appreciate its beauties
without permanent take.

To return to the ocean,
what thrives in the ocean.

To return to the shores,
what scurries across shore.

Is that not our responsibility
as a member of Earth's ecology?
This is the vision of Coral Whispers

Beyond becoming a piece of art, each character symbolizes our respect for the environment and desire for future generations to share this love for their environments. With anticipation, we hope to see such relationships with the environment not only on the beaches of Miyako Island, but on beaches worldwide.
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