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Sustainable living
Sustainability Pledge
By taking this pledge, you are becoming a responsible member to your environment and community.
In taking this pledge and identifying practices you already are doing and those you are not, try and challenge yourself to be able to check more boxes in the future! How do you use and consume everyday resources?
Sustainability Pledge
I will not litter
I will pick up any litter I see on the ground
I will Reduce the purchase of unnecessary items
I will Reuse materials I already own for as long as possible
I will Recycle waste that is recyclable, rather than throw them in the trash
I will volunteer in environmental activities (beach cleanup, recycling, etc.) in my community
I will eat more homemade food rather than first food
I will eat more locally grown foods
I will start my own garden at home
I will compost my food waste
I will not leave the water running while brushing my teeth
I will close loose faucets if I see any water dripping
I will take shorter showers
I will turn off all the lights when I leave a room
I will use daylighting (natural lighting from the sun) when I can, rather than turn on the lights
I will unplug unused electronics
I will use fans instead of air conditioners as much as possible
I will wear an extra layer during the winter instead of turning up the thermostat

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